les expositions — 2010

Trajector Art Fair

Du 23 au 25 avril
Hôtel Bloom

Cannelle Tanc

Immanence est invité à présenter un artiste dans le cadre de la foire alternative Trajector dans une chambre de l’Hötel Blomm à Bruxelles.

Commissaires : Ken Pratt & Laurent Dombrowicz

Trajector Art Fair is an initiative by Hotel Bloom ! and Centrifugal Projects that will take place from 23 April until 25 April 2010, coinciding with Art Brussels. Trajector Art Fair is an initiative that follows on from Projector Art Fair that took place, to great critical and public approval in Rotterdam in 2008.

Building on the success of the Projector Art Fair , Trajector takes the core concept on the road for 2010. It will take place in Brussels, in April 2010 coinciding and collaborating with Art Brussels.

In Brussels –as in Rotterdam- the focus is not on the commercial gallery sector, but on the project spaces, artists’ initiatives and independent curatorial projects that provide important platforms and experimentation grounds for emerging contemporary artists in the international arena. In part a celebration and playful game with the role of non-profit organisations, project spaces and independent curators within the art commerce systems, Trajector takes the original concept and re-realises it as a hotel art fair in Brussels’ most recent boutique hotel. Tongue-in- cheek, critique or hardcore commercial ? That’s largely up to the participants to determine. In April, Trajector Art Fair will transform Hotel Bloom ! into a vibrant ‘boutique hotel art fair’ with eighteen rooms and a wide range of conference rooms and public spaces providing a platform for a range of international art spaces and curators to present some of the best emerging contemporary art to a Brussels audience.

The range of international exhibitors – from Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Norway, Morocco and the UK, amongst other locations- range from the very young to those already established on the international art circuit. Each will present a curatorial project within a hotel room, at once referencing the tradition of the ‘hotel art fair’ (For example, the Gramercy International Art Fair in New York which grew into The Armory Show). Some of the confirmed participants include White Space (Zürich), Temporary Contemporary (London), Immanence (Paris), ed projects (Ostend), La Source du Lion (Casablanca), Error One (Antwerp), Kuma Galerie (Berlin), Vegas Projects (Amsterdam), Don’t Projects (Paris), Michelle Deignan/Moody (Dublin/London), Rekord (Oslo), Ruimte Morguen (Antwerp), Family Viewing & BROODWOR (London/Los Angeles), Kuma (Berlin) ; to name a few.

In addition to these core presentations, Trajector Art Fair will deliver two thematic programmes of interest to not only an art-specialist audience but also a broad public. The first and most substantial of these is ‘Taut – That Certain Tension Between Fashion & Art’. Consisting of an exhibition element and events such as panel discussions, lectures and presentations, Taut engages directly with some of the key issues of creativity at the intersections of art and fashion.

Curated by Ken Pratt & Laurent Dombrowicz – the former Joint Editors in Chiefs of Wound Magazine and respectively an independent art curator and fashion director- the exhibition aspect will juxtapose work by fashion creatives alongside that of contemporary artists to develop a discourse on some of the key issues uniting –and perhaps still separating- contemporary art and fashion practice. This will be complemented by a series of lectures, discussions and events that go deeper into examining some of the key issues at the core of fashion and art practice. The curators are particularly pleased that the Taut programme will premiere in Belgium with its very special histories of fashion and art, since it is perhaps the world’s most ideal location to place the discussions raised by the project.

Hotel Bloom !
Rue Royale 250 - Brussels
Public Opening Times :
Friday 23 April 2010 18 – 22
Saturday 24 April 2010 11 to 21
Sunday 25 April 2010 11 to 18